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The Characters

Charity Bizzare


Harlot with a heart Charity Bizzare has her world turned inside down over night when the Martians come a calling.

Charity’s adventures thrust her into perilous situations where she must use all her charms to pull through and save the day. Armed with a statuesque bosom and razor-sharp wit Charity is more than a match for any foe.


Archie and Watters


Archie and Watters are the proprietors of ‘The Velvet Clam’, the foremost salacious and titillating magazine publication of the era.

Unfortunately their scoops and exclusive pictures get them in to trouble with the subjects of the stories and their high price lawyers.




7 feet tall gorilla Claude was liberated from London Zoo, after a booze ridden night out. He was raised in the offices of the Velvet Clam magazine on a diet of real ale and pies.

Claude is able to speak the Queen’s English via a specially designed necktie, which translates his simian tongue. Unfortunately Claude’s vocabulary is littered with the shocking profanity, which would be more at home on the dockside than in the realms of polite society.


The Professor


The professor is responsible for making Charity some weird and wonderful inventions and to use in her adventures.

He has an unhealthy addiction to Harris Tweed and clearly has issues that Doctor Freud would be interested in, given that quite lot of his inventions resemble phallic symbols.




Elizabeth is Watter’s wife and music hall chanteuse famed for her risqué material and songs.

Her records and concerts are always a sell out and her songs and picture are sung and hung throughout the barracks and dormitories of the army and public schools.



The Boobage family dynasty


The Boobage family are recurring characters through the adventures of Charity.

Major Charles Boobage, Chief Inspector Auberry Boobage and Abraham Van Boobage are just some of the family who cross paths and quite a lot else with Charity.

A family of cads and bounders, the Boobage gentleman can’t resist Charity’s ample charms.


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