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Charity Bizzare was created and written by Neil Watkin, a gothic gentleman of dubious morals with a taste for Perrier jouet champagne, kraken rum and real ales.


He writes predominantly in the Treacle Tap hostelry in Macclesfield Cheshire where he exists on diet of pie and mash and real ales.


Occasionally he will return home to his ravishing wife Elizabeth to have a bath and indulge in feats of athletic sexual prowess.


He enjoys all things Victorian and gothic but hates DIY, gardening and pesto.




Charity’s adventures are profusely and salaciously illustrated by Mr Andrew John Craven; a ne'er-do-well gentleman of prodigious talent fuelled by a love of H R Giger and the Marquis De Sade.


A section of his other ribald illustrative tableau can be found at


He enjoys physical jerks and is rumoured to be a master cracksman responsible for a series of jewel robberies in Nightsbridge.


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