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'Black is such a happy colour'

1st October to 24 November 

... A quote from the wonderful Morticia Addams, reflecting the twisted joy of Manchester Gothic Arts Group (M:GAG) celebrating the 10th Anniversary of its first ever exhibition, 'Unmasked' (2007 - Sacred Trinity Church, Salford).

M:GAG continues its long collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University to bring you new art for the Gothic Manchester Festival, with a little sprinkling of 'Unmasked' early work.

A celebration of the diversity of Gothic style, from belfries to banshees and Victorians to vampires through a variety of artistic media.

Join us as we descend the rickety stairwell into the crypt, our candle fame flickering in the wind. We will shine light into the darkness to see who wants to come out and play, because ''it can't rain all the time'', not even in Manchester.

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