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Manchester Gothic Arts Group presents ‘Gothic Times’


Have you got the time? Perhaps it’s the best of times and the worst of times. Wisdom and foolish-ness; belief and incredulity; light and dark; the spring of hope or the winter of despair? Maybe it’s just a sign of the times.


After all, as Gothic matriarch Morticia Addams once said: ‘’Life is not all lovely thorns and singing vultures, you know’’. Timely words indeed...From Byron to Bauhaus, Polidori to PIL, Shelley to Sham69, Wollstonecraft to Wire - the march of time has followed many paths on the gothic journey.So it’s about time we welcome you to your very own personal postmodern postpunk Villa Diodati, reserved for your dark and delicious delec-tation and delight seemingly centuries ago by M:GAG (aka Manchester Gothic Arts Group).


Meander through the exquisite eerie ether, guided by the spirits of gothic past, present and yet to come. Prepare to be presented with a diverse melange of artistic endeavours within a variety of media. There’s no time to waste and no time to lose, so grab a horse and carriage or a re-vamped hearse and have the time of your life delving deep and dancing on glass.

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