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Carl Pugh


The story of Carl Pugh aka Dark Grail began in the lush valleys of the 80's Manchester ad agency circuit. Moulded by the dystopian punk and early electronica scene he presented a respectable disguise to all. The seed was planted when working in a video store through the 'video nasty' peri-od. Deep inside the call of the 'Old Ones' proved irresistible and he started to collect the under-ground comix of the 70’s.

From then the progression to appreciate dark art proved irresistible and he started to work in the art dept at Ocean Software, one of the best video game publishers of the day. He stayed there through various incarnations of the company for eleven or so years until with 3 friends he left to create a new agency and provide creative assets for video game marketing. Working on titles like Resident Evil, Dead Rising and Devil May Cry nurtured the darkness until the transformation into the Dark Grail was complete. His mission is to spread the darker side of things through illustration.

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